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anywhere and in real time …
based on criteria
like infrastructure transport connection social structure demography and many, many more.
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there are endless possibilities for your customers, and you.

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plasmap is a web API for dynamic location discovery. Be it for hotel booking, flat search or risk analysis, plasmap finds the places that really matter.

How it works

Location Discovery

You specify the criteria, plasmap finds the location. Our high-performance algorithms analyze billions of positions in real time in order to find the places that really meet your requirements.


Your users expect more than a mere superposition of the nearest supermarket. With plasmap you are able to create a tailor-made interface which suits your individual use case perfectly.

Real Time

Speed is a necessity. plasmap's advanced parallel architecture allows the results of highly complex queries to be streamed in real time to your end customers.

Electrifying possibilities

Big data for bigger revenue. There are many fields of application for giving customers the location search & comparison tool they really need.

Use cases

Simply add your own filters Custom filters based on neighborhood criteria Custom filters based on distance

Flat search & real estate

Using plasmap location discovery, you can offer your customers personalized filter options for discovering real estate properties by location! Create filters to find locations that are in walking distance to the bus stop, close to a primary school & kindergarten and with various shopping possibilities in the neighborhood.


Key facts

In fact, plasmap is awesome. Here are some further details why:


Location discovery made dead simple. Our plasmap query language makes location discovery as simple as embedding an image into your website.


Dynamically find locations using the flexible plasmap query language. And the best of all, you can test it right in the browser using plasmap REPL.


plasmap was developed from the ground to be a general purpose location discovery technology and therefore adapts to whatever your use case might be.


plasmap is fast, blazingly fast. plasmap uses web sockets to stream geographic data in real-time to your web site.


plasmap provides world-wide location discovery powered by worlds greatest location data source OpenStreetMap.

Big data

plasmap combines the latest big data technology to bring dynamic location discovery straight to your browser.


plasmap stands on the shoulders of giants. We heavily believe in the power of open data contribute by improving open data and providing open source tools.

Subscription based

Whatever your business requirements are, plasmap offers flexible subscription plans that adapt to your needs.

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